Posted by: hmillic | November 19, 2005

Stephen King, when asked what advice he had for aspiring writers, said, very simply:
” Just write. Write for an hour every day, about anything.”
I want to be a writer, so I will write. Thanks, Steve-o.
I’ve been meaning to start this little blog project for quite some time, but I have been dragging my feet for some reason. I have a fabulous new computer and a biting wit, so I need to start using them! I’ll be “that” person tapping away at my laptop at Starbucks, except without the pseudo-intellectual bravado and dark clothing. What else am I doing with my time? I don’t have any excuses anymore. I will write.

Here’s a thought: Look at our ever-changing world. We are a generation of people obsessed with finding ways to make our lives easier, more comfortable, more leisurely. Technology scrambling to feed our ever-oped beaks. A smaller cell phone. A thinner iPod. A faster, smarter computer. Do all of these advances help us to better our way of life or just make us slothful and greedy? Where does all of this saved time go? The great books of the world were not written on Microsoft word. Tolstoy wrote out War and Peace by hand. Hemingway and Kerouac used typewriters. Shakepeare had a bird feather. I try to imagine what Chekhov would have written if he had a computer that would allow the words to flow smoothly with his thoughts. Now that we have word processors most people write books based on marketablity, not beauty. We have been taught to need and yearn for things, to worship stuff. There are a jillion different ways I can contact people these days… I can text message and instant message and email… but has that made me feel more CONNECTED to the people in my life? Do I see and talk to people more or less? I don’t know. I can go days without actually talking to my best friend, all thanks to text messages.
I’m not some anti-establishment idealogue or anything, I myself often subsribe to the stuff-worshiping sloth mentality.. but sometimes it really just bugs me. Why do we take jobs we hate and kill ourselves at work for over half our lives? We want to earn a good “living” but we only get to enjoy it after we’re off the clock. I SOOOO WISH I could find a job I absolutely loved. It would be perfect if I could write a best-selling novel and live off the royalties forever. I just need to think of a story. And I need to write it alllll down.

I like how a lot of people on the internet have made their blogs into mini publications. Its like having your own column. So I will start small… with this blog.

Not a whole lot to meditate on today. I have mysteriously injured my foot so I’ve been limping about my apartment quite pathetically all day. I accomplished a few small tasks, like finally renewing my driver’s license. I thought I lost my expired license and those sneaky buggers ask you to include some random number printed on the side of it so I’ve just been carrying my passport around like an ass. I thought I was going to go see the new Harry Potter with Shawn, but its now 9pm so its clear I need to make alternate plans. Bridg wants to got holler at boys tonight but I just polished off a metric ton of mint chocolate chip Dreyer’s, so I’m not exactly feeling like a hot mamacita at the moment. Thank goodness it’s sweater season though, loose fitting sweaters and long ass-convering jackets are my saving grace. I have used my temporary foot disability to justify my lack of working out the last few days….so bring on the sweets!

I can’t believe I’m going to be in New Jersey in five days. Me… Jersey. Ha. Now THAT is going to be good material for a column…. my mine is aflurry with the possibilities!

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