Posted by: hmillic | April 25, 2007


So I’m giving this another go. I’d like to be able to say that I will now fully devote myself to using this blog as a way to develop as a writer, but that would be a damn dirty lie. As you can see by the date of my last post, I haven’t exactly been consistent with my blogs, however, this time it MIGHT stick. Might..

Moving on….

I’ve been celebrating my rare two days off work by doing pretty much absolutely nothing. The only time I left the house yesterday was when I went to Safeway to procure some sustenance (ie Fudgesicles and mac n’ cheese) and that only took 10 minutes. I wasted the hours away on the computer of course…. but it wasn’t an entirely unproductive day.

List of things I accomplished:

  • Ran dishwasher
  • Watched all episodes of The Newman Show on YouTube
  • Paid for random ebay item I don’t remember purchasing
  • Brushed front of hair, teetha
  • Looked up Spiderman 3 info, clips, trailers.

Of course I talked to Warren and Mitch about a zillion times, and had a nice lil conversation with Taylor B on the phone for the first time…so pretty nice little Tuesday. I stayed in bed ALL day.

Now its Wednesday and I have not much else to show for it. Oh… I burned my tongue on a Steak N Cheese Hot Pocket fifteen minutes ago…..that was totally righteous… and I posted some random hilarious clips of kids singing on Mitch’s myspace .. aaand I’m writing this !!! Go me!

On a more serious note, In about 20 minutes I have an appointment at the salon for a facial and (shudder) a bikini wax. Too much in-fo-mation, I know, but I have to discuss how friggin terrified I am for a sec, so bear with me. I really think this is going to hurt like a mutherfucker. Like screaming in agony kind of pain…… one of my friends from work is going to be doing it but that’s almost worse……

For several reasons:

  • She has to see my no-no area. Awkward.
  • I’m probably going to punch her in the face when she does the first ripper-roo, but only due to the fact that I have Chuck Norris-like reflexes. Double Awkward.
  • I will cry. Not that awkward but still not ideal.

I’m thinking of chickening out. This doesn’t sound like a good idea. Why the shit did I elect to put myself through this kind of torture? I’m stupid.

Perhaps I should do a few shots of vodka beforehand, maybe even dangerously mix them with some prescription pain killers…. too bad I have NEITHER of those things just lying around the apt.

Oh well, enough of that Tom-foolery/bitching….

You’ll have to wait for the next riveting installment of a day in the life of Heather M…. dry your eyes. I’ll be back soon.


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