Posted by: hmillic | April 27, 2007

Random babbling

Work wasn’t too terrible today. We had the usual lunch rush, and I had the busy section so naturally I spent most of the day running around like a psycho. I’m the greatest waitress ev-er. I really need to write a book about what it’s been like. I need to write a few books in general , but my modest yet painful in experiences service industry so far will require many chapters. We have quite the colorful clientele… sometimes I find them entertaining, but mostly I just I want to walk over to their tables and flip their plates in their laps. I gauge what kind of a day I’m having by how strong this urge is. Take today for instance… today was a three plate day… taking in environmental factors, the douchebag to normal customer ratio, and of course how many passive aggressive remarks my manager throws in my direction… I only wanted to flip a measly three plates. A paltry number considering that the culinary festival two weeks ago yielded the highest plate- flipping numbers this quarter…. if you were one of the 4,875 drunken buffoons that stumble their way from the beer garden through our doors that Saturday, the odds that I wanted to choke you out with my apron are about 2:1. Soooo, 75, with an exponent of 8, is the number of plates flipped THAT mo fo of a day.

Last night Mitch sent me this article about a betting probe that got 31 people arrested… its significant because a good friend of ours used to be a bookie, but got out of the business. Of course he knows everyone that got pinched, and I’ve seen a few of the people they showed getting cuffed on the news, so its just too weird. Most of them were regulars at sportsbars and the like. Nice to know that with everything that’s going on in the world, Sherriff Joe is focusing on the issues that really matter, like gambling. Dick!

Also of note, I had a stranger friend me on facebook this afternoon… usually this is nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact that this girl wrote “Hey you!” on my wall shortly thereafter. So now I’m sitting here racking my brain, trying to think of where I could possibly know this person from, and I’ve got nothing. I mean, she works at Abercrombie for heaven’s sake, where would I know her from? So do I say hey you back? Do I flat out admit I don’t remember her…. OR do I entertain the notion that she just might be confused and/or crazy? I feel like there should be a handbook on internet etiquette for these types of things. Oh well.

In case you haven’t already heard of him, my favorite artist du jour is Andrew Bird. I bought his newest album from iTunes after hearing a snippet of just one of his songs, and the whole thing is just great. I usually adhere to the a la carte method of iTunes purchasing, only picking out the songs that I feel are wonderful and scrapping the rest. Exercising my “Purchase Album” option for ANYONE is a strong endorsement, trust me. He’s playing tomorrow night at the Rialto theatre in Tucson. Shudder. Tucson is the worst. I wish he was playing here!

Where was this guy whenever I played beer pong? Man, I suck at beer pong.

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