Posted by: hmillic | September 12, 2007

Funny Video-paloooooza!

Guy can’t stop laughing at the guy he’s interviewing. I would LOVE to know what they’re saying, but the guy sounds like Mickey Mouse, no matter what the language.

Showbiz pizza sings Fergie

Worst Dancing/Fighting Ever… but you gotta love Van Damme…

Boom goes the Dynamite… gets better every time I see it. Soo funny.

Carl Lewis’ Music Video… funny, yet disturbing

The World’s Worst Singer… Chinese American Idol (But it’s not William Hung!)

Fat Kid gets Owned on Ride…. MUST SEE

Trust No One Watch it more than once, I cried the second time.

How Stoned is this Guy?

Model Falls, Anchors Laugh

Suck it, Trebek Vintage Trebek Outtakes.

Babies Eating Lemons Note to self: Whenever I get bored, and have kids, feed them lemons for instant laughs.

Baby Bruce Lee.. Funnier every time I see it.

Halftime game gone hilariously awry

Warren gets owned

Little Kids Hockey Fight… Starting Early!
Ralph Wiggum in Human Form Gets Interviewed I watched this 7 times in a row. No joke. I’m probably watching it right now. Genius.

Baby cracking up over ripping paper, priceless…

Kids: They’re Full of Machines. Kevin Spacey Narrates, Rightor Doyle Brings it!

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