Posted by: hmillic | September 18, 2007

University of Florida Student Tasered at John Kerry Event

THAT is totally unbelievable. This kid wasn’t screaming and carrying on like a lunatic, he’s just asking tough questions. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do at speaking events? Ask questions during Q&A? It is so shocking that police can seriously hurt people without any effort at all, on a whim. Yes, the kid was resisting police, but rightly so! He wasn’t doing anything wrong, he has every right to be at that assembly. I’ve put on student events in the past, and we’ve monitored Q& A sessions because we don’t want the speaker to be accosted with stupid accusatory questions the entire time, but this kid would not have qualified to be taken out by security in such a manner. The guy DID push up to the front of the line and rambled, but that is easy to handle. Any speaker can elect not to answer questions they’re not comfortable with, and even refuse to acknowledge a line of questioning they feel is unfair, but you can’t TASER someone because they asked some zingers. Kerry was actually in the process of answering one of his questions when the police intervened. If this isn’t a case of police brutality I don’t know what is. John Kerry has condemned the treatment of this student, and you can find his statements, here. That’s all good and well after the fact, but he should have said something to stop the police BEFORE the unfortunate incident happened in the first place.

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