Posted by: hmillic | September 23, 2007

80s-90s Old School Cartoon Intros!!

It warms my heart to see these… and its also a little disturbing how much television I watched when I was little. Still a million times better than anything that’s on TV now!

Care Bears


My Little Pony

Gummi Bears

Duck Tales

Rainbow Brite

Rescue Rangers





Inspector Gadget



Tiny Toons


Rocko’s Modern Life


Beetle Juice

Had trouble finding Ren and Stimpy, but its a part of this Nickelodeon Compilation:

And, in case I missed some:

30 Minute Compilation of 80’s Cartoon Intros

30 Minute Compilation of 90’s Cartoon Intros


  1. you forgot sailor moon, beetle borgs metallix, and dragon ball z. Aslo duckman

  2. yea dragonball z was cool

  3. […] them? gosh! sunday afternoon has been a rush of nostalgia. thanks to this blog, i got stucked surfing cartoons i used to watch when i was a child, then doing my essay. i remember […]

  4. go to they sell a bunch of good cartoons back in the day! muppet babies!!

  5. Hi I seen your posted videos and there’s several that I can remember from back in the day.GI Joe,My little Pony,Rainbow Brite,Ducktales,The Adventures of the Gummi bears,oh I can never ever forget Jem,now that was my all time favorite cartoon to watch.Do you ever remember a cartoon it was old school one Bionic 6?

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