Posted by: hmillic | September 26, 2007

Horray! I Love New Release Tuesdays!

Why? Because new music, books, magazines and DVDs come out today!  I’ve always wondered why Tuesdays, but I think its because it gives stores a chance to stock and generate sales during the dead part of the week, and it gives them some time before the weekend rush.  There’s been a bit of a slump lately, so today’s releases were totally gratifying in their awesomeness. I downloaded a toooon from iTunes.

Here’s my list of must buy/order/download:

 Knocked Up: Special 2 Disc Collectors Edition DVD

Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack    

Watch the Trailer here, to listen to a couple of the songs from the movie, which is opening this week! “This Time Tomorrow” is wonderful! 

Iron & Wine: The Shepard’s Dog
Jose Gonzalez:  In Our Nature

 The Thrills: Teenager

 Look Me in the Eye, by John Elder Robison

 From Publisher’s Weekly: Robison’s thoughtful and thoroughly memorable account of living with Asperger’s syndrome is assured of media attention (and sales) due in part to his brother Augusten Burroughs’s brief but fascinating description of Robison in Running with Scissors. But Robison’s story is much more fully detailed in this moving memoir, beginning with his painful childhood, his abusive alcoholic father and his mentally disturbed mother. Robison describes how from nursery school on he could not communicate effectively with others, something his brain is not wired to do, since kids with Asperger’s don’t recognize common social cues and body language or facial expressions. Failing in junior high, Robison was encouraged by some audiovisual teachers to fix their broken equipment, and he discovered a more comfortable world of machines and circuits, of muted colors, soft light, and mechanical perfection. This led to jobs (and many hilarious events) in worlds where strange behavior is seen as normal: developing intricate rocket-shooting guitars for the rock band Kiss and computerized toys for the Milton Bradley company. Finally, at age 40, while Robison was running a successful business repairing high-end cars, a therapist correctly diagnosed him as having Asperger’s. In the end, Robison succeeds in his goal of helping those who are struggling to grow up or live with Asperger’s to see how it is not a disease but a way of being that needs no cure except understanding and encouragement from others.


  1. And by to by, the dandy, free 13-minute prequel to The Darjeeling, Hotel Chevalier, just came out today (the link will open an iTunes window.)

    Anyway, was going to watch it at the premiere day, but with Feast Of Love being shot in this city and showing at the theater the day before (not to mention that its subject is centered around COFFEE), I’d have to miss it.

    Excellent find on PostSecret + ICHC. Bookmarked!

  2. Thanks for taking notice of my book, Look Me in the Eye. I’ll be interested to hear what you think once you’ve read it.

    best wishes
    John Elder Robison

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