Posted by: hmillic | October 5, 2007

Mike Rowe on QVC: sad and hilarious all at the same time

I stumbled on to YouTube GOLD today. These videos had me in stitches.

That guy must go home and drink himself into a stupor every single night. His tone of voice, crappy jokes, and self deprecating humor just SCREAMS ” I hate my life.” And why wouldn’t he? He went to journalism school thinking he was going to be a network anchor and then gets stuck hocking crap on QVC. He actually hosts The Discovery Channel’s show, “Dirty Jobs,” which he is more than qualified for. According to his Wikipedia entry, he sold more than 100 million dollars worth of simulated diamonds on QVC, so don’t feel too bad for him.

25 dollars for a paper bag!! SOLD!!! It’s magic!

Precious Moments

Noah’s Ark


Lava Lamps… Molton Magma fusing fingers together!

Misc Mikey

First Night Back

Important Message

Tubular Earrings

Mike vs. Doll

Animated Love… ewww.


Seagull Jewelry

Mike sings Karaoke


  1. This poor bastard. He’s seriously selling a bag for cats?? And the precious moments dolls?! Outrageous. I love it.

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