Posted by: hmillic | October 5, 2007

New Britney Spears’ Video for “Gimme More”

Not that I was surprised, but B. Spears’ new video is AWFUL. It looks like they spent 20 bucks on producing the stinker. She spends the entire song on the stripper pole in a heinous outfit, complete with press on tattoos. It’s not even quality stripper poling! If that’s all you’ve got, you better make it spectacular… I want to see acrobatics, I want to see you spinning upside down like a pro, suspending yourself from the ceiling, not walking around holding it like a wet noodle, you amateur! You best OWN that pole woman!! How far have you fallen that you can’t get David LaChappelle to direct your comeback video, or at least pay someone to choreograph the thing?!! YOU SUCK !

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