Posted by: hmillic | October 6, 2007

SNL Commercials- Part One

I’m going to try to find as many SNL commercials on this list as I possibly can!! It’s a big project, but well worth the effort! Enjoy!

Old Glory Insurance

Peyton Manning United Way

Dissing Your Dog

Neil Diamond Gap

Michael Vick Angry Dog Food

Will Ferrell iPod

Schmitt’s Gay

Taco Town

Uncle Jemima Mash Liquor

Nerf Crotch Bats

Mom Jeans

Dog Lawyer

Lower Back Tatoos

Kanon Stevie Wonder Ad

Jimmy Tango Fat Busters

Stevie Nick’s Fajita Roundup


Change Bank

AM Ale

Cluckin’ Chicken


Canis Cologne

Cookie Dough Sport

Swill Mineral Water


  1. That Mom Jeans commercial is so disturbing. Why did those pants ever exist?

  2. Did you ever find Super Feud, with Carvey and Swayze?

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