Posted by: hmillic | October 9, 2007

The Nakey Lunch: Jump into lake in the buff, get a free samich!!

I kind of wish this wasn’t in Maine. This sounds hilarious, and an ingenious marketing tool. Naked sells! You’re eating a burger, then TADA! Random streaking! I wonder if the food is worth it. I’d do it for free Melting Pot, that’s for sure! It would have to be night though, and everyone would have to close their eyes. Then I’d do it.

GREENVILLE, Maine (AP) – The owner of a Maine eatery says the publicity generated by his “Naked Lunch” has inspired him to keep the special. The Skinny Dip, featuring sliced prime rib in a baguette roll, is free at The Black Frog Restaurant to anyone willing to plunge naked into Moosehead Lake.

But at least one person complained and town officials discussed whether it should be banned.

Owner Leigh Turner said he decided to keep the naked lunch because most people support  him and because no laws are being violated.

To violate Maine’s indecent exposure law, one would have to expose genitals for the purpose of offending or shocking. But Turner said restaurant patrons are exposed briefly only to a skinny dipper’s derriere as a participant takes the leap from the end of the restaurant’s dock.

“All you can see is two little white buns jiggling around,” he said. Dippers are kept under wraps with a restaurant-provided towel when they emerge from the water.

Turner has been enjoying his instant-celebrity since the Bangor Daily News report was picked up by the national media, including The Associated Press. The story on his naked sandwich made the front page of Yahoo News on Saturday.

Turner estimates that about two or three people take the plunge each week in the summer. But few patrons are interested now that it’s getting cooler.

“You’ve got to be really desperate for a free sandwich go to out there now,” he said, noting the 60-degree water temperature. “It’s chilly.”

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