Posted by: hmillic | October 10, 2007

That would explain everything…..

Encore!! Encore!!! Bravissimo! I’m scouring the internet for more. And, I’m posting this again, because it is magic.

Keifer, you ARE Jack Bauer.


  1. Alcohol can make you do wonderful things. Especially during the holiday season… This video is a prime example of why we should thank god every single day for providing us with the warm embrace of alcohol consumption.

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Sutherland.

  2. […] 3. Note to self: do not let Keifer Sutherland anywhere near my Christmas tree. […]

  3. I get thrown off by the voice. It almost sounds like it was dubbed over? What does he say? Obviously a hilarious video, but the voice part bothers me.

  4. That WOULD bother Joe =)

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