Posted by: hmillic | October 14, 2007

Show to watch: Friday Night Lights!!

For the past two days I’ve done nothing but watch Friday Night Lights. At first I thought is was going to be just another football show, in the vein of Varsity Blues. I was wrong! The characters are wonderful, and they depict what football culture in Texas is really like, without being a condescending caricature. It’s sad that the reason I looked it up is because I read that a star of the show, Minka Kelly, is now dating John Mayer. I started reading the rave reviews and downloaded the first few episodes off of iTunes. The pilot episode is slightly off-putting, mostly for girls because its a little too much football. But once you get to the next episode, addiction. I watched the rest for free, here on Now that I’m totally hooked on this great show, I’m sure NBC is going to cancel it, because that always seems to happen with my favorites. If a show isn’t an automatic smash hit, out it goes.

The new season just started, and I’m crossing my fingers that this doesn’t become another Freaks and Geeks/ My So-Called Life heartbreaker.


  1. tahts good . i think the football is notfor girls ,, keep aloof !

  2. ??? Football is so for girls!

    I’m jazzed to be on the edge of addiction once again with a new show!

  3. Keep aloof? What? Football is not for girls? What?! Horseshit.

  4. The first season was superb! It’s a really good show.

  5. Love the show, love football (and I’m a girl). I too hope the show doesn’t get cancelled.

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