Posted by: hmillic | October 15, 2007

Super creepy/hilarious Craigslist ads

Mitch found this ad on craigslist when she was searching for housing in Vero Beach a couple of weeks ago:

Hi, I intereted in meeting a SINGLE, attractive lady (23-38) who wants to relax and live an “easy” lifestyle. This is a “live-in” girlfriend position/relationship (keep me organized, play with the cat, etc..). Also, I am willing to support the right lady financially.

I’m a respectful, single, easy-going, “drama free”, handsome, fun, successful, professional man (41) who lives in a new luxary 2-story home in a gated golfing community.

For any questions just call me at: (772) 486-4191.

Thanks, CM

Yes, this dude is seriously using the housing wanted section as the personals. I kind of want to call him and apply for the job. I LOVE how he gives the age requirement of being 23-38 (quite a spread) and he’s 41. Gross. I wonder if he actually thinks an attractive 23 year old will read his ad and go “Oh SNAP! Finally someone is taking applications for a live in girlfriend!” I also love how he describes it as a position SLASH relationship, and the duties include playing with his cat.

I guess he didn’t get any takers (shocker), because he reposted the ad with several changes:

  Luxury 2-story home to share, with 2 possible options; either $550 or $750 per month.:

The $550 option is for the downstairs Master Bedroom & Master Bath (with screen porch) OR, the $750 option is for teh entire upstairs (includes 2 bedrooms, 1 bath & loft area). Monthly charge covers ALL utility expenses.

Female roommate is only (22-35). Must like cats. Also, negotiable terms are available. The house is located in a gated golfing and tennis community on Jensen Beach Boulevard.

Owner is busy professional male (41) who is healthy, a NON-drug user, and a casual and easy-going personality.

For information, call (772) 486-4191.


I think this is his attempt to mask the crazy and make it seem like he’s just looking for a roommate now, as opposed to buying a girlfriend/cat companion. We know better!!

I flagged the first post for the best of craigslist, and I think it is a perfect candidate.

If you’re bored at work, try texting/prank calling him. Just an idea.


  1. I like how he says “Also, negotiable terms are available.” at the end of the “less creepy” post. Negotiable? Like as in “Hey, let me smooch you & tell my golf pals that we do it & I’ll cut your rent down to $300…”

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  3. Hmm. I have to wonder if he’s going the “sugar daddy” route or the secretly well-traveled “beard” route. That is, are we sure he isn’t secretly gay and looking for a chick to convince others that he isn’t? It’s been done plenty of times before… Plus, there’s that whole weird “play with my cat” thing. I’m just saying.

  4. LOL!!!! I know this guy he is a REAL CREEP. He reminds me of the type to put cameras in the bathroom. I hope noone comes up missing.

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