Posted by: hmillic | October 23, 2007

Bookmark of the Day: The “Blog” of “Unecessary” Quotation Marks

Inspired by Dana’s grammar pet peeve of the misuse of quotation marks, this blog takes photo submissions of, you guessed it, signs that use quotations “incorrectly.”

In related blogs, also check out Apostrophe Abuse.  Another classic.


  1. i “like” use loads of punctuation in my posts; and sometimes i get ‘confused’ about which dot to use. so i often pick the one with the best shapes? see like there i liked the “roundness” of the question mark as opposed to the straight, and often times harsh quality of the exclamation point!!!

    I ALSO LIKE TO USE CAPS LOCKS: cuz people really like it and it makes me feel– special: What; You’re weird.

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