Posted by: hmillic | November 5, 2007

Great gift idea: Gelaskins for your computer or iPod

Gelaskins are a great way to protect your iPod/phone/computer and they turn your gadget into art!! I think I’m going to order the “Starry Night” for my computer and either “The Scream” or “The Garden of Earthly Delights” for my iPod. I think these are great gift ideas too! I’m sure they’re only meant to protect against scratching, but I’m just getting them so I can look cool when I take my computer to Starbucks. I don’t ever do that, but if I DID, I’d look cool. Maybe. When I finally get to the gym, though, perhaps my decorative iPod will draw attention away from me while I do embarrassing things like squats and lunges. No longer will people think ” Wow, is she going to pass out?” but rather ” Wow, that’s a great iPod cover, you must be a really interesting person.”



  1. your right gel skins are sweeet

  2. Must have! If for no other reason than to freak out my boss during meetings.

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