Posted by: jwdoylejr | November 6, 2007

Lying through body language: Sports floppers, fakers, divers, and cheats

It makes me sad to see guys who have a perfectly legitimate chance to make a big play instead take a dive to get a foul called. Think of all the unbelievable plays that happen when the offensive player is getting mugged by the defenders but still manages to score. Think of all the great plays we could have seen if these assholes weren’t purposely faceplanting the moment they get near the goal.

Alternatively, sports success is about developing a competitive advantage, however possible. Fouls are a part of the game, with penalties for causing them and for faking them. A well-executed dive can even be a thing of beauty (although nobody but the home fans would actually want to cheer for the diver).

The following videos, however, are no things of beauty. I love watching the jerks who push it too far get caught on camera, blatantly cheating. Watching a grown man getting punished for fibbing in front of thousands is too priceless. How do you face your mother the next day? She taught you better than that, but you embarassed her in public. For shame!


  1. So many soccer players are pussies. When I play soccer and I kick someone hard in their face, I expect to see lots of blood. If there’s no blood or bone sticking out, then they’re faking, period.

  2. I like a good old fashion eye gouge…. I fight rugby style. Anything goes. Play to win. You flop on the ground, I bite you!

  3. This is why all fakers and divers deserve a solid, Ricardo Clark-style kick to the face. That man is my hero.

    Vale, vale, vale Dynamo!

  4. hahaha! nice vid k!

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