Posted by: jwdoylejr | November 12, 2007

John McCain smiles awkwardly as his mom goes way off the script

Watch McCain’s face as he attempts to mask his terror of what his mother might say next. There is nothing he can do to stop her. A presidential candidate can’t tell his own mother to shut up on national television. McCain is having flashbacks to when he was a teenager and his mom would casually discuss in public all the times she’s caught Lil’ Johnny masterbating. Just smile and then jokingly disavow, on behalf of your campaign, everything your mother just said.

You can’t help but love watching crotchety old ladies go on a rant (see Heather’s previous post about the Fruit Cake Lady). I guess at that age, you just stop caring about being politically correct. You can make sweepingly general claims about other religions or races and end your ramblings without coming to any clear point. It’s like society gives out a free pass for senile honesty.

I also like how, when she couldn’t remember Romney’s previous political position, she just starts throwing out guesses until she got the right one. Must be a mom thing. Whenever my mom was angry with me, she would shout for me across the house, but call me by each of my siblings’ names before finally figuring out which one I was. “Patrick, Kaydee, Taylor… Oh, whatever your name is, come here now!”

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