Posted by: hmillic | January 30, 2008

The Hawaii Chair: The worst/best invention I’ve ever SEEN!


  1. That might sell much better if they advertised it for a chair to use at home rather than in the office. How could anybody ever seriously deal with a customer while swiveling around like that? Imagine walking into an office and everybody is moving around in circles! I would turn around and walk out the door. It would probably make me sick if i had just eaten! Horrible, horrible marketing strategy in my opinion, but a brilliant idea to exercise while sitting down. Had to throw in my 4 cents.

  2. looks like a chair made for a porno flick.

  3. ELLEN D ordered one on her show and it is so funny to watch her interview guests in it. I could imagine sitting in it and working on the computer at home….Just a weird chair

  4. I am going to order six for the dinner table…

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