Posted by: hmillic | February 29, 2008

MEANEST christmas prank ever: parents punk their child

You can actually see this kid’s heart break at :49 seconds in… right around the time the dad begins his evil laughter! Poor guy…. its filled with CLOTHES!! Someone’s going to need therapy!

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  1. As much as clothes are a necessity in life, that was a really mean trick. My heart goes out to that boy.

  2. OMG.., that is SERIOUSLY mean.. like that kid is screwed up for life now. lol..

  3. Proves my theory that americans aren’t just stupid, they’re cruel assholes

  4. Oh yes, THAT’S what this video calls for, a generalization about an entire country of people. LOVE the theory, its so innovative and different!

    You’re clearly an idiot.

    America: F*CK YEAH!

  5. This is soo mean! Did they really put the clothes in an x-box box for real.. cause if so it’s not only mean it’s cruel!

    Look at the boy.. i guess he just lost is child-thing!

  6. I know! I just want to give the poor thing a hug and buy him an xbox!

    Its just plain sadistic to tell a child to “look at the camera and cry.” what jerks!

  7. That was just completely unnesacary. Who would do that to their child? It’s perfectly fine to make clear to a child that your family can’t afford an XBox. That’s life. But to go out of your way to get an XBox 360 box and then fill it with clothes is practically sadistic.

  8. No that I’m a fan of giving children game consoles, that was pretty cruel. The way she sits there saying they can’t afford it…yeah, his Christmas was ruined, I bet. Unless it was a joke and they had the xbox hidden somewhere else. That’s like the worst age to do that to a kid, too…boys that age are still pretty emotional and always trying not to be. Good job, family.

  9. WOW! That is like a kick in the stomach!

  10. This video is halarious. If I have kids I am going to prank them so hard just like this.

  11. Someone needs to buy this kid an XBOX. Someone should try to track that family down and write Microsoft and give that kid an XBOX.

  12. This makes me cry my eyes out every time. I showed it to my eldest daughter and she couldn’t watch it after the Mom told Jonathan to cry into the camera. Who rained on her parade to make her be so cruel to him. I read on another site that the makers of XBOX found him and they are now trying to verify that he’s the right kid in the video so they can give him one. Hopefully his family doesn’t trade it for another camcorder to record more cruel crap they do to him. I wanna hug the little guy too!

  13. I see this same little boy often in faces of convicted murderers everyday at the medium security prison facility I work at. I just hope that the his parents make up for this before it’s too late for them.

    What a terrible mistake, this could certainly lead to many more problems in his future. And just think of the trust and confidence issues he will face with his very own parents. The ones who are suppose to be his main support system. No child should be ridiculed by his/her family that way…

  14. awwww that wass sooo mean if u couldnt afford it dont put his hopes up like that

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