Posted by: hmillic | March 12, 2008

The World’s Most Pathetic Ex-Boyfriend

I found this video on one of my favorite guilty pleasure blogs, The Dirty.  No matter how painful it is to watch, you have to see the entire thing. You can see why the girl “Jason” sent this video to is no longer dating him. I’m actually totally dumbfounded as to how this dude landed a living, breathing girlfriend in the first place. Creeeepy.Favorite quote:  “Remember, we agreed to stay exclusive”  I don’t care if this is real or fake, this is easily one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen:

BUT WAIT!! THERE’S MORE!  The ex-girlfriend just added  a new video, featuring Jason showing off his mad basketball skillz. Also pretty hilarious:  


  1. There is no way this person could get a girl that wasn’t made out of latex and took 5 minutes to inflate…despite his wack hoop skillz!

  2. I lasted until his flab started to appear, then could endure the pain no longer. Agggghhh! You should put a full caps warning label on this.

    But seriously: is anyone really so stupid as to send a video like that? It’s almost too awful to be real.

  3. As hilarious as this is, i can’t believe that it’s real. And by real i mean that this video was made for any other reason than an attempt at trying to become famous from a youtube video. Just my opinion. Hilarious though.

    He’s very tidy though, folding his shirt while stripping.

  4. I am going to say this was a fake video to get the bling bling.

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