Posted by: hmillic | April 10, 2008

Must Read Blog: “On The Road”

A friend of mine just started a blog. He’s spending the next two months of his life in his car, on an epic road trip across the United States. The blog is aptly titled “On the Road,” and chronicles his journey. Here is the blog blurb, in his own words:

“San Diego to New York and back with a little gas money and a little help from my friends. Two months, two coasts, and seven-thousand-something miles inbetween. Why? Looking to find friends and adventure and perspective and whatever else may come. The calendar says April 7th. The car and the iPod are loaded. The road beckons. Time to turn the key and press the pedal.”

The trip begins with him moving out of his apartment in San Diego, with all of his possessions crammed into his black jeep. The first day of this odyssey was his 25th birthday, which was on Monday. He awoke to find that his car, with all of his stuff in it, had been stolen. Luckily, his computer and iPod were not in the car! Long story short, he made it out of town and has been posting steadily ever since. There are tons of pictures and funny stories already. It’s a great read.

He will be visiting Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Pensacola, Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, Atlanta, Athens, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Charlottesville, DC, Baltimore, New York, New Haven, Boston, Cape Cod, Ithaca, Buffalo, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Madison, St Paul, Keystone, Cheyenne, Boulder, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Carmel, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, LA, and Newport Beach… among other places!

Click here to see where John is now!


  1. Now, where have I heard about this idea before…?

    Jack Kerouac

  2. Jack-

    So awesome for you to come back from the dead and comment on my blog! How are things?!

    Yes, “On the Road” is a direct tribute to you, my good sir, but unfortunately, there will be no hitch-hiking involved. I don’t think you, Mr. Kerouac had an ipod or blogged either, so there is some brave new territory to be explored here.


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