Posted by: hmillic | May 27, 2008

Weezer Music Video ” Pork and Beans”…..Oh yeah!

OK this is brilliant… Weezer tracked down the subjects of popular youtube videos and put them all under one roof! I’m glad to see Miss South Carolina is enjoying her infamy… I felt so bad for that girl when I saw that video of her Miss Teen USA answer! Your most humiliating moment becomes front page news and you have to crash and burn with A.C. Slater sticking a mic in your face? The guy that tries to do a back flip and falls on his face while twirling nunchucks is the best though, that video never gets less funny for me. I’m also glad to see the actor from the “Shoes” short featured, but K-Fed? Get outta there!!


  1. for fans of memes like myself this was the ultimate resolution to so many unfinished tales. great other vids too, by the way…

  2. oh, weezer, you’re so culturally relevant!

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