Posted by: hmillic | October 24, 2007

Bookmark of the Day: Passive Aggressive Notes

Passive Aggressive Notes is another great site where people submit passive aggressive notes from roommates, neighbors, co-workers, and total strangers. They are HILARIOUS.  I hate, hate, HATE passive aggressiveness, so this page was right up my alley. I wish I could have saved the notes my crazy roommate would leave me the first summer I was doing an internship in California. She was the very essence of passive aggressive scariness. She had to have been obsessive compulsive, because she would wash and iron the dish towels every couple of days, iron her bedsheets, reorganize her desk every five minutes. and her clothes were evenly spaced on color coordinated hangers in her closet.  She made a “chore chart” for all the roommates, which  was neatly mounted on a bulletin board alongside the lengthy  rules of the house, which included not being able to even leave your shoes in the “common areas,” and if you did, she would walk over and throw them in a bin in the hall closet. I had a bunch of work papers on the coffee table once, and she threw them in the bin when I went to the bathroom.  That kind of crap.  What made it so unbearable was the degree of self-righteous passive aggressiveness she would use when she would talk to me. She liked to act like she was the nicest person on the planet, and then used the most condescending tone in the history of time to “correct” me. The a-hole notes she left me were on monogrammed stationary with perfect penmanship. It was that unbelievable.  I had such a good time that summer I brushed most of it off, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go out of my way to tick her off on a daily basis.

But I digress… the point is, this website is highly entertaining, and be sure to submit your passive aggressive notes when you come across them!


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